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Why We Love "The Complete Illustrated Children's Bible"

  1. Beautiful Illustrations We absolutely adore the artwork in this book. There are so many fun details that appeal to all age ranges. My two year old loves pointing at the animals and people on each page, showing me what he already knows and looking for new things to see.

  2. Holds Focus I have found that this book holds the attention of kids through various ages. The artwork gets the older kids to want to investigate what is going on in each story and encourages them to read to find out. The contrasting colors gives the younger kids an opportunity to point at items and patiently look through the book as they discover new things.

  3. Clear and Concise Wording The wording is perfect for children. It is simple but yet not so simple that you are missing major details from the story. Kids of all ages should have an easy time understanding the stories without getting bored from there being too much detail. It provides just the perfect amount to cover the story in a beautiful way.

  4. Did we mention the artwork? We can't say enough about the artwork, the attention to details and the way it captivates a child's mind to keep looking and reading. It get's them to want to learn more.

*We recommend this book for ages 0-11. It's the perfect gift for a new mom who wants a bible keepsake for their little one.

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